About Me

Welcome to MonsieurBelly’s Food blog! So who is MonsieurBelly you ask…

MosieurBelly loves to travel!

MonsieurBelly’s a fussy eater; he eats, he chews, if it’s bad, he.does.not.swallow.

Food is MonsieurBelly’s greatest love, it is directly proportionate to MonsieurBelly’s daily mood.

When MonsieurBelly’s hungry, get out of his way!

MonsieurBelly loves good service; and remembers the bad ones the most.

A price cannot be put to an awesome gastronomical experience, so says MonsieurBelly.

MonsieurBelly loves to cook!

And the most important of all, MonsieurBelly has high expectations, and is brutally honest.

So, how about some food now……


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