Galbiati Gourmet Deli

Situated beside the Rail Mall facing Upper Bukit Timah Road lies a wonderfully authentic italian joint named Galbiati Gourmet Deli. Opened by Milanese Chef Roberto Galbiati in 2005, it prides itself in serving fresh homemade italian food: freshly daily baked breads, homemade pasta, soups, antipasti, pizzas and many more. Takeaways are one of the main feature of this deli, as almost everything in the menu has a nicely packed takeaway version for sale. A catering menu is also available for customers whom require such services. A fine selection of italian wines frames this little shop, mainly Masi, and other brands.

We arrived at 8 for our saturday night reservation, place was packed as always. This wasn’t the first time I’ve been here, after I declared myself a die-hard fan of Galbiati’s during my first time here.

This was the first time though I’ve decided to try their full range of antipasti (yes finally I know) and needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed.

We ordered the Antipasto Misto($32), which was a platter of antipasti, which Mr Roberto himself picked and plate a little of all the wonderful antipasti they had for the day. As you can see, it came in 2 platefuls of colorful deliciousness (Above: cold plate. Below: warm plate). The Verdure alla Griglia (assortment of grilled vegetables) were fragrantly smokey, soft with just enough bite and the Capsicum was naturally sweet drenched generously in olive oil. The Funghi Trifolati (sautéed mushrooms) were nicely browned with a hint of salt but the best of the lot was the Flan, which is basically a crustless quiche, very flavorful.

On the cold plate, Spicy Olives, Artichokes and Semi-Dried Tomatos matched perfectly. A small side of Russian Potato Salad with Smoked Salmon, and Caprese (fresh tomatoes topped with mozzarella cheese) and Prosciutto filled the plate. The russian salad went very well with the smoked salmon and the caprese here, never fail to satisfy. Big chunks of fresh mozzarella with uber sweet baby tomatos. So good.

For mains, we ordered 2 pastas that night, Fettuccine alla Polpa di Granchio($22) (black squid ink pasta tossed with crab meat, tomatoes, garlic, chilli & cream) and the pasta of the day Medium Prawns Spaghetti Aglio Olio($22).

The Fettuccine alla Polpa di Granchio($22), a usual favorite was delicious as always. The secret lies in the combination of cream and tomato puree based sauce with a hint of spiciness from the chilli. Generous chunks of crab meat too. The sauce almost tastes like chilli crab.

The Medium Prawns Spaghetti Aglio Olio($22) was an intriguing one. First bite proved disappointing, almost like just noodles in oil. And yet, with subsequent mouthfuls of pasta, garlic and prawns, will the subtle goodness of this dish emerge. The basil added a nice herbal touch to the flavors as well.

For dessert, we settled to share a slice of the famous Lavender Cheesecake($5). I always order this when I dine here and with all the seriousness in me, Do Not Leave Galbiati Without Ordering This. Lavender flavored new york style cheesecake served with Vanilla Cream; what can go wrong? (Notice that I couldn’t resist a bite before I could remember photographing it 🙂

Some other dishes which I have tried before worth mentioning include a huge range of Pizzas, $10 for a slice, big enough to share amongst 2 as a starter, Chocolate Hazelnut, a delicious chocolate hazenut cake, Ravioli al Salmone (homemade pasta filled with Norwegian salmon served in dill and cream sauce), Spaghetti al Nero di Seppia (spaghetti tossed in black squid ink sauce), Tagliatelle Verdi con Funghi (Spinach noodles served with mushrooms and bacon in cream sauce). In short, all their pastas are very delicately cooked and worth trying.

They always serve their homemade bread after taking your orders like all self respecting italian restaurants. Sadly, this is one of the things that they don’t do very well. The bread they serve here always has that “I am a leftover bread” kind of look, feel and taste to it, except for one instance where we were served this freshly made cucumber bread which was woolala (yes we asked for seconds), other than that one time, if this ever gets to your eyes, Chef Roberto, please don’t serve us stale bread, I’m sure you can do better than that.

Besides that, everything else at Galbiati’s a delight. I always leave happy. Service is so so, waiters could smile a little more and not talk to you like you know nuts about italian food, I hate it when they do that. You know what I mean. In summary, one of my favorite Italian Restaurants. Enough said.

MonsieurBelly Rating: 8/10

Restaurant Information:

The Rail Mall 400
Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 678050
+65 6462 0926

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