Cocotte – Wanderlust Hotel

Located at the lobby of Wanderlust Hotel sits french restaurant, Cocotte, which literally means ‘casserole’ in french; serving up rustic french food in a supposed communal setting; traditional, simple, unsurprisingly expectable french food.

Most of their dishes, having a communal concept in mind, have different serving sizes: Petites for 1 person, Moyennes for 2-3 persons and Grandes for 4-5 persons; a place more suitable for dining groups of 3-6 people in my opinion.

Some of their signature dishes include Fried Tripe, Escargot Gougeres, Roast Pork Collar. The star of this eatery is of course the Poulet Roti, whole free-range hormone-free chicken, marinated for 2 days, then roasted with a fresh herb butter, and served with gravy, roast baby potatoes & spring vegetables.

We arrived just on time for our dinner reservation at 8 and was seated immediately, place was not full, probably because it was a weekday evening. Don’t be fooled by this however, especially if you are planning to come on a weekend, I once reserved a week in advance for a saturday dinner, only to be rejected flat out. Reservations are definitely recommended.

For appetisers, we had the Escargot Gougeres ($19) and Chicken Liver Mousse ($16).

The Escargot Gougeres were served with parsley cream and tomato coulis, hamburgered in gruyere pastry, which makes it sort of like a savory cream puff; very cute indeed. I suggest throwing this little babies whole into your mouth because the flavours would be more balanced this way. Quite a surprisingly good way to enjoy escargots.

The Chicken Liver Mousse came with cornichons(pickled horned cucumbers) & tomato coulis. This dish was more predictable than the first, the only thing is that the liver taste was a little more overpowering than any other liver pâtés I’ve eaten. Only for serious liver lovers.

For main courses, we had the Poulet Roti ($60) which was the roast chicken, and the Braised Beef Cheek ($35), which was Australian grass-fed beef cheek with mushroom jus, peas & potato gratin.

The Poulet Roti came sitting on a wooden tray like a peasant king, all nicely carved. The meat of this double day marinated was brinyly tender and oh-so-juicy, nothing compared to any normal frozen chicken. Even the breast was worth a fireworks moment. And the gravy, which you would expect to be redundant, adds that french feel to the chicken. What a wonderful dish.

The Braised Beef Cheek (which I conveniently forgot to photograph) is simply a very well-cooked plain comfort food. It was melt-in-your-mouth soft, perfectly savory, paired with another food high on the comfort food scale, potato gratin, you just want it all to yourself.

For dessert, we chose the Crepe Suzette ($12): Homemade crepes w/caramel orange sauce flambéed with Grand Marnier, and the Dessert Platter ($30).

The Crepe Suzette, sad to say, I didn’t enjoy. It was bitter, it was soggily mushy, it had no texture and all I could taste was the bitterness that came from the alcohol or the orange rind or whatever that was in there. The sour cream on the side could not save this dish which I will never order again.

The Dessert Platter, on the other hand was much more palatable than the above. The homemade coffee ice cream and rock melon sorbet were a delight, especially the sorbet. The creme brulee was also a darling; warm and deliciously caramelly, it hits the sweet spot just right. The best dessert was however the humble Tarte Au Citron, tangy lemon curd in a homemade crust. This, is so darn good. Perfectly tartish, and just enough sweetness to counter the sourness. 2 claps to the pastry chef. Clap Clap!

All in all, I would say it was quite a good meal if the price wasn’t much of a consideration. Service was fairly quick and reasonable though nothing fantastic. Do mention that you would like to order the roast chicken when you make your reservation as it is limited and takes some time for them to prepare it. Free valet is available for certain timings.

MonsieurBelly Rating: 7.5/10

Restaurant Information:

WanderLust Hotel
No. 2 Dickson Road 
Singapore 209494
+65 6298 1188

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