Good Evening My Fellow Fussies

Ok, so wordpress asks me to post something so here goes, this is my first post!

Let me introduce myself formally, my name is S, you may call me MonsieurBelly. Not that I’m particularly fond of this sort of cliché secrecy, I just find that people would probably take my reviews and words more seriously if they cannot put a face to it. I did not intend for this blog to be about ‘me’ and my words but more of my tastebuds telling my brain to move my fingers as they dance across my keyboard. Or maybe I do like this sort of cliché secrecy… I have no idea whatsoever you are talking about Lost? Really. Entertained? I certainly hope so.

And as I was mentioning, this would be my very first post and also my last one that will ever not be related to food.

So without further ado, may I present to you, MonsieurBelly’s World of Food, where With Food, Nothing Else Matters, Without Food, Nothing Else Matters…


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